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Assisting families affected by Childhood Cancer by providing extensive bedroom makeovers for children currently in treatment.

Community donations and a generous grant from the United Parcel Service (UPS) Foundation have made it possible for Let's PLANet Giving, Inc. (LPG) to launch our latest project: A to Z Dream Bedrooms. 

In honor of Alex Sabados and Zach Dunkelberger, local teenage boys who were taken from us far too early by childhood cancer, LPG has been providing functional and uplifting bedroom makeovers for local childhood cancer patients since June 2019.

One of our organization’s top priorities is to alleviate the physical, emotional, and financial hardships faced by families living with a devastating childhood cancer diagnosis. Often these children are confined to their bedrooms, isolated, and with profuse medical needs. 

Our A to Z Dream Rooms project brings teams of creative volunteers together to provide local children fighting cancer a comfortable and cheerful environment while they recuperate at home between hospital stays.

Recipients receive bedroom makeovers lovingly tailored to their hobbies, interests, favorite colors, and characters along with furniture and accessories to make them as comfortable as possible. 

Who is eligible for an A to Z Dream Bedrooms bedroom makeover?

Children or young adults who reside in Northern Colorado and have been diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

Nominations are open to all pediatric cancer patients regardless of age, race, sex, social or economic class.

The size and/or income of a family plays no part in determining a nominee’s eligibility.

*Parents and Siblings of recipients, who experience a range of emotions including fear, anger, jealousy, hopelessness, and sadness will also receive some special gifts.


How do I nominate a child? 

Complete the nomination form on this website (A to Z Dream Rooms: Bedroom Makeover Nomination Form) or contact an LPG representative by email: to request a nomination form. Completed forms may also be mailed to 606 Evergreen Ave., Berthoud, CO 80513 or emailed to Anyone may submit a nomination, but the child's family must be aware of and agree to the nomination.


Selection Process:

Let's PLANet Giving's Board of Directors will review all nominations and select recipients for an A to Z Dream Rooms makeover as funding allows. Recipients and their families will be interviewed so that their new spaces can be customized to their preferences, wishes, and medical needs.


What is included in an A to Z Dream Rooms makeover?  

Room makeovers may include any or all of the following: painting walls with bright, cheerful colors and decorations tailored to the recipient's age and interests, construction of bedroom furniture adapted to the recipients’ unique medical needs and physical limitations, replacement of flooring if current material poses a health or safety risk, gaming/television consoles for entertainment, and coordinating bedding, window coverings, and wall decorations.

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