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Kindness Rocks

In 2018, Let's PLANet Giving started a "Kindness Rock Garden" by Alex Sabados' tree in front of the Berthoud Library.


Please stop by, and if you see a rock you would like to keep, kindly replace it with one you've painted something pretty or inspirational on. We hide rocks around town as well - check out Let's PLANet Giving on Facebook to join the fun!

When participating in our “Kindness Rock Garden,” ​please follow these simple guidelines:

* Use weatherproof paints (like acrylic) and sealants (like polyurethane spray or Mod Podge).

* Don't take rocks from or leave rocks at nature centers, state parks, or national parks.

* Don't take landscaping rocks from businesses or people’s yards (unless you have permission).

* Hide all rocks OUTDOORS.

* When you find a rock you want to keep, be sure to replace it with one you've painted. If you don't want to keep it, find it a new hiding place!

* When you find a rock, take a picture and email it to or post it on Facebook - please tag Let's PLANet Giving.

* This is for spreading kindness, please keep that in mind when you design your rocks.

When visiting/interacting with Let’s PLANet Giving’s Facebook page, please follow these simple guidelines:

* No advertising.

* No politics.

* No negativity.  

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a ban.

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